My message

Welcome to my homepage!


Each of us has various aspects like "diamond cut".


They might be formed when we were teenagers, students, or recently.


Each aspect reflects interests, hobby or professional study and is polished by study and 


exchange with people.


Intrigungly, it has been recently possible to have deep gathering with people whom get to


know via "blog".


So, I decided to personally organize irregular basis-lectures or events  to  share


interesting and useful  topics with you who live in Germany through my personal




I would be very happy if you notice or discover someting from events and especially enjoy




Organizer: Culture Bunko (Ayako Yamamoto, Ph.D.)






I organize events in Munich though not regularly. If you would like to receive event news, please send your email address to


Obwohl das nicht regelmäßig ist, organisiere ich Veranstaltungen. Wenn Sie Information bekommen möchten, bitte schicken Sie mir eine E-Mail.