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1st event: Lecture "You Are What You Speak (Think, Listen, Write, and Read) !" on July 11, 2012
This is flyer (German) for the lecture. This time, only German/Japanese are available. Please print the flyer by yourself.
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1st Event: "You Are What You Speak (Think, Listen, Write, and Read) !" by Ms. Yuki Sato


Date&Time: 11. July (Wed), 19:30-21:00 (Doors open at 19:00)

Place:IBZ Munich

Fee: 10 Euro

Capacity: 100 (seats)

Language: Japanese with German interpretation

※We will donate a part of profits for "the 17. Japanfest" held on 15. July (Sun) in English Garden.

Organiser:Culture Bunko (Ayako Yamamoto, Ph.D.)



Content of the lecture:

In Japan, we have "Kotodama" (the spirit of language). Moreover, in Gospel According to John in new Testament, "In the beginning was the Word" is written. Words which we use every minute every second create a thought, reaction pattern, personality, dignity, fortune and future. In cact, for better or worse, these can become worse than using words themselves, but cannot be better than them. If you have your own image which deserves yourself, what you would like to to, dreas as well as hope, they should be required to be consistent with your using words.



Speaker: Ms. Yuki Sato (born in Yokohama, Japan)


Education: Literary Course in School of Arts and Letters (major:British and American literature ) at Meiji University

Master Course in Graduate school of Business at McGill University (MBA)


Ms. Sato started to work at American Express International, Inc. after she experienced at Japanese/American companies. She conducted market development, acquision of new clients as well as achievement of sales goal in parallel. However, it was too difficult to manage all even though she made a great effort. In the meanwhile, she encountered two important books regarding "word". After she changed her using words to better positive words in her daily life, she recorded 2 billion yen (approx. 20 million Euro)-sales for continuous 2 years, which nobody had attained. She dramatically transformed from "Zundoko OL" to "Top Sales".

In 2010, she published her book "Let´s change words immediately" (Nana Books) , and it was also introduced to "Shukan Shincho". In addition, her book was published as "audio book". In 2012, the book was translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan. 

She established her own company, "Gracia Co. Ltd" and became independent in 2010 after she ensured power of words by experiencing more in communication and management.  She has written and given lectures about mission business, personal motivation/motivation in organization as well as communication based on power of wrods and has sent her messages from Japan to the world. 



Links:"Let´s change words immediately (only Japanese)"

    Gracia Co. Ltd. 




Map: 5 min walk from U3/6 Universität

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